Professional Fire Investigations

We provide decades of expertise in determining causes of fire through extensive investigation

When a fire occurs inside a building, the most valuable information that can be obtained is determining why it occurred. If the source of the fire is determined, measures can be implemented to ensure a fire does not occur again in the same manner.

During a fire investigation, Zari Consulting Group surveys the facility, recording and documenting all aspects of the building construction, reviews products data sheets of potentially integral building components, and analyses the building construction for comparison to the building and fire codes at the time the building was designed. We also survey the existing conditions of the life-safety systems, such as the fire sprinkler systems, standpipes, fire alarm systems, emergency lighting, exit signage, passive barrier construction and more.

We also analyze the scene of the fire source, survey for burn patterns, smoke development, and flame spread. Where necessary, we used advanced software to model the fire compartment, heat release rates, and fire sprinkler effectiveness in an effort to establish the source of the fire.

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