Code Consulting Services

Zari Consulting Group’s code consultants are experts in all the nationally recognized model building codes and NFPA standards

We also have staff members who are familiar with many International building codes. Please click on a photo below or an item in the Services Overview menu to the right to learn about a specific service we provide.

Code Consulting Innovation & Knowledge

With over 30 years of experience, Zari Consulting Group has helped thousands of clients design and complete construction projects. We successfully work with developers, general contractors, facility owners, and architects to ensure that each project is completed in the most cost-effective and innovative way possible. In order to help you comply with all regulatory standards and codes, our engineers bring in a high working knowledge of the types of codes are required for all different types of structures.

Building Code Technical Expertise

During design development, construction, commissioning, and operation, Zari Consulting Group has provided industry-leading solutions with our broad technical expertise.


When tasked with such a large part of the building process, your job can seem overwhelming. Trust the experts at Zari Consulting to open the lines of communication to ensure that you understand each step of the building code process.

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Code Consulting Services