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Our Professional Building Code Consultants provide a number of services to ensure optimal protection and save you money.

Building codes are designed to protect people from fire and provide a method for occupants to safely exit buildings in emergency situations, and every year, they become longer and more complex.

Fire protection engineers are specifically educated and trained to understand and interpret model building codes. At the Zari Consulting Group, our building code consultants are experts in designing and safety.

Our building code consulting services include analysis of the following building elements: egress analysis, timed egress analysis, construction types, fire resistive ratings, exterior wall ratings and number openings, occupancy classifications and occupant loads, door and stair widths, exit separation distances, travel distances, allowable areas, allowable building heights and number of stories, occupancy separation requirements, interior finish requirements, means of egress capacity and locations, fire alarm and fire suppression system requirements, and much more.

Our building code experts provide consulting services from schematic design through construction administration and Temporary Certificate of Occupancy (TCO). At each phase of a project, we will review architectural plans and provide mark-ups, compose review letters, attend client meetings, attend fire department and building department meetings, conduct site surveys, and answer project specific questions any time the client wishes to pick up the phone and give us a call.

Our team of building code consultants will provide research and identification of appropriate requirements based upon each project’s needs. Where necessary, we will provide code equivalency development (Alternate Means and Methods Requests). Our ultimate goal is the development of innovative solutions which save time and cost in design, construction and operations; development of approaches which integrate the various building systems into a comprehensive fire protection and life safety package.

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