Due Diligence Surveys – Consulting

Zari Consulting Group has unmatched expertise in providing due diligence evaluations

Due diligence surveys and investigations typically occur before a building is bought or sold. The intention of these surveys is to determine the extent to which an existing structure will need to undergo construction improvements once transfer of ownership is completed.

While it is not necessary for buildings to meet current code requirements just due to transfer in ownership, it is often the case that existing fire protection systems are found to be neglected. It is also common for new owners to have a desire in changing the use of a building (i.e. changing from office to residential). A change in use for an existing building requires it to meet current building code requirements.

Whether the intention is to change use or simply evaluate the adequacy of an existing building, Zari Consulting Group has an unmatched expertise in providing due diligence evaluations.

Our due diligence services include:

  • Conducting surveys of existing buildings for potential buyers for the purpose of determining the adequacy of its fire protection and life safety features.
  • Analyses of the existing smoke control system, fire alarm system, automatic fire sprinkler system, fire resistive construction, and conformance with general building code requirements.

Our surveys are always followed up with a report as well as immediate necessary costs and anticipated 5-year projected costs to maintain the systems, based on our findings.

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