Fire Code & Building Code Consulting for Trumark Companies

Established in 2011 in San Francisco, Trumark Urban is a subsidiary of Trumark Companies and an extremely fast developing company. They are a commercial real estate firm that focuses on the development of large residential properties located in highly dense communities. Since their establishment, Trumark Urban has expanded their development portfolio to all the large California cities, including Los Angeles and San Diego. Their design typically consists of a modernism style intended to provide occupants with the feel of an open environment.

Zari Consulting Group has provided numerous building code consulting, fire code consulting, NFPA consulting and fire protection engineering design services for Trumark Urban

Services provided throughout the years included:

  • Automatic fire sprinkler consulting
  • Fire alarm system consulting
  • Smoke control system consulting
  • Preparation of Alternate Means and Methods (AMMR) requests
  • Providing engineering judgments that were stamped by a licensed fire protection engineer.