Smoke Control and Code Consulting For Handel Architects

Handel is one of the world’s leading architects in urban design for large municipalities. With office locations in New York City, San Francisco, and Hong Kong, Handel is dedicated to high density urban environments through the design of large scale hybrid building designs. For the effort in downtown Boston, Handel recently won a 2014 AIA award in Urban Design.

Zari Consulting Group has worked on numerous projects with Handel. Our services included building code consulting and smoke control system consulting.

Our building code consulting work included the following:

  1. Reviewed the architectural drawings at the 50 and 100 percent Design Documents and Construction Documents completion points to verify conformance with the nonstructural fire protection and life safety requirements of the International Building Code (IBC) and International Fire Code (IFC). We documented the findings of each review in a letter and marked-up drawings to the Client.
  1. Attended meetings with the design team to discuss the project.
  1. Developed Alternate Means and Methods Requests for submission to the Authority Having Jurisdiction.
  1. Attended meetings with the Authority Having Jurisdiction at the Design Development stage to review the project and key code compliance issues.
  1. Provide general consulting on an as-requested basis to respond to requests for information (8 hours).
  1. Assisted Handel Architecture with addressing and resolving the building department and fire department plan review comments.
  1. Attended back-check meetings with the local building department and fire department to resolve and address outstanding plan-check comments.