It isn’t necessarily the cost of the equipment inside high-tech facilities that is vulernable, it’s the loss of time and transactions that can occur if a company’s server fails. It has been estimated that large banking companies can loose up to $1 million for each minute that their computer systems are non-functional. There is often no hesitation of these facilities when it comes to installing the finest, most sophisticated, and fasted detection systems on the market.

Because there is generally a lower occupant load and no greater fuel load at high-tech facilities, the life-safety risk and potential fire exposure risk to adjacent properties is minimal. As a result, building codes typically don’t require any unique fire protection features to protect these facilities. However, it is often in the owner’s best interest to protect a high-tech facility with the most expensive and extravagant fire alarm system and automatic extinguishing system money can buy.

For high-tech facilities, Zari Consulting Group is often retained to design the installation of fast detection system (such as VESDA) and clean agent extinguishing systems to provide very early fire detection and very clean automatic suppression to minimize the required clean up and potential damage incurred from installing water based fire extinguishing systems.