Failure Analysis
Failure Analysis Consulting

Our Fire Protection Engineers research all factors involved to determine the aspect or entity of the failure

When a fire occurs as a result of a failure, it’s imperative to determine the cause in order to take preventative measures to ensure that the failure doesn’t happen again. Whether it be a building design issue, a building code violation, a fire code violation, a construction installation error, or a product defect, Zari Consulting Group will research all factors involved to determine the aspect or entity of the failure.

Buildings life-safety systems are expected to be reliable for the safety of all building occupants. They are provided with specific redundancies to ensure continuous functionality, so it is particularly important that they are held to a higher standard than other building elements.

Zari Consulting Group provides failure analysis for the following building features:

  • Standpipe systems
  • Fire sprinkler systems
  • Fire alarm systems
  • Smoke control systems
  • Mass notification systems
  • Egress illumination and emergency lighting
  • Fire barriers
  • Smoke barriers
  • Corridor walls
  • Fire / Smoke rated doors
  • Rated assemblies
  • Shaft enclosures
  • Stair Integrity
  • Fire / Smoke dampers

After a fire event, Zari Consulting Group performs investigative research based on-site surveys and document reviews to determine if any problematic areas are observed.

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