Fire Suppression System Engineering & Design

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As the single most effective method of protecting property and life from a developing fire, automatic extinguishing systems play in invaluable role in a facility’s life safety system. Most jurisdiction now require the installation of a fire suppression system for all commercial buildings, and fire officials often breath a sigh of relief and are more willing to work with an architect’s unique design when they are aware that a fire extinguishing system is proposed for installation in a building.

The most common type of automatic fire extinguishing system are wet-type automatic fire sprinkler systems. These systems are required to be designed and installed for conformance with the very strict requirements of NFPA 13, a 450 page book that grows with every code cycle. However, whether it is for reliability purposes or hazard considerations, an increasing number of buildings are opting to install an alternative extinguishing system to automatic fire sprinklers, at least in specific high-valued areas.

Zari Consulting Group’s Fire Protection Engineers can provide a complete bid package or full-scale engineered shop drawing design for permit for all types of fire suppression systems, including:

  • Fire sprinkler systems (wet-pipe, dry-pipe, pre-action, deluge)
  • Clean agent systems (redox or oxygen reducing)
  • Low and high expansion foam systems.

Our services include issuance of schematic design, design development, and construction document preparation, specifications, hanger locations, sway brace locations and calculations, hydraulic calculations, and details.

We are also available to perform site investigations at 50% and 100% completion of construction, waterflow testing, contractor performance monitoring (submittal reviews, RFIs, etc.), system acceptance testing, and analysis of existing systems.

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