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Fire Protection Engineers

Zari Consulting Group applies cutting-edge science and engineering principles to help protect property, people, and environments from the destructive effects of smoke and fire. Every day, Zari Consulting identifies risks and designs safeguards to help control, prevent, and mitigate the harmful effects of fire. Whether we are heavily involved beginning from the schematic design phase or brought in during the late stages of construction, we can ensure that all our work will be conducted using good engineering practice to ensure adequate construction and code compliance. Contact our Fire Protection Engineers

Building Code Consulting

Zari Consulting Group, home of industry leading Fire Protection Engineers and Building Code Experts. Zari Consulting Group provides full-scale fire protection engineering, fire protection systems design, and code consulting services to clients in the United States and throughout the world. Our engineering practice is built on our unmatched technical expertise of the model building codes and NFPA Standards, developing innovative and cost effective solutions, maintaining reliability, and successful long-term relationships with clients. Contact our Building Code Consultants


Building Code Consultants

Our fire protection engineers and building code consultants are life safety experts, and we can provide guidance throughout your project, from schematic design to construction administration. Zari Consulting Group has expertise that includes accessibility, fire & life safety, and risk analysis so that we can fully cover the needs of our clients.

As we are experienced industry professionals, we know that no two projects are exactly the same. We research and identify your particular buildings to ensure you meet all relevant code requirements while also advising you of innovative solutions that could save you time and money as your proceed through your project.

We want you to have a comprehensive, cutting-edge safety package, and we’ll work hard by reviewing your plans, researching possible improvements, attending building and fire department meetings, and answering your questions any time during the project. You should have the safety you need via the best and most profitable methods available, and our consultants will give you the advice to do so.

Check out our page on building code consulting to learn more about how we can serve you in this way.

Privileged with our leadership role in the Architecture-Engineering-Construction community, we welcome you to explore our website. Please feel free to contact any of our regional offices if you have any questions.


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