Unified Facilities Criteria (UFC) Fire Code Consulting

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The Unified Facilities Criteria (UFC) is the governing document that provides requirements for planning, design, construction, sustainment, and modernization for military buildings. The UFC states “major projects require the services and review of a qualified fire protection engineer. Projects involving design or modification of, fire rated construction, fire detection, fire suppression, or life safety systems require the services and review of a qualified fire protection engineer.”

Due to the vulnerability of Defense facilities, the UFC generally has higher standards of construction than other facilities. For instance, many buildings are developed of non-combustible construction, and early detection warnings devices is commonly provided at these facilities. Furthermore, all components of a Department of Defense facility is required to be provided with a full-scale engineering design. That is, “design-build” systems are typically not permitted at these facilities.

Zari Consulting Group can provide full design (automatic fire extinguishing, fire alarm, low and high expansion foam, etc.), third party review, third party inspections, engineering judgments, and building and fire code consulting services for military projects.

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