Building Code Compliancy AnalysisBuilding Code Compliance Analysis

Our engineers have years of experience with building code compliance and code implementation process

Every few years, new building codes are released and implemented into society. As a result, almost all buildings had a different set of rules from other buildings that they had to follow when they were designed. Complicating matters further, local jurisdictions have rules (ordinances) that only buildings in their specific city or town have to follow. Making things even more complex, occasionally a city or state passes a retroactive ordinance for their jurisdiction, requiring all existing buildings, no matter when they were built, to follow new guidelines. If that isn’t enough, occasionally code interpretations are released contradicting previous understandings of the rules and now towns, cities, or states have to adjust to the new interpretations.

Working through building compliancy takes a tremendous amount of understanding of building codes and legal and administrative processes of how codes are developed. It also takes incredible focus and organization to maintain timelines for all potential code requirements throughout the life of a particular building.

Zari Consulting Group has been working on this type of building compliancy analysis for decades and has a vast understanding of building code requirements and code implementation processes. We are methodical in our approach to each case to ensure no rock is left unturned to be certain all code requirements are appropriate for a particular building element.

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