Zari Consulting – Providing Fire Protection Engineer and Building Code Consulting for Over 30 Years

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Zari Consulting Group is a fire protection engineering and building code consulting firm, specializing in fire protection systems design and interpreting model building codes. We are made up of licensed and registered engineers in the field of Fire Protection Engineering.

With more than 30 years of experience, Zari Consulting Group has the expertise to assist in building projects from schematic design to building occupancy, providing guidance and attention to detail at every step of the process. Our involvement in projects provides clients with the knowledge and know-how necessary to complete projects on time and in full compliance with building codes, fire codes and NFPA standards. With a thorough understanding of the building permit, fire permit and plan check process, Zari Consulting Group’s Consultants lead projects to successful approval by localities.

With a “big picture” understanding of architectural design, Zari Consulting Group has the ability to utilize the most cutting edge fire modeling programs to develop equivalencies that prove unique architectural designs are acceptable. Many clients that originally hire Zari Consulting Group for just one aspect of their project are impressed with the company’s ability to get things done, and ultimately choose to involve the organization in all other essential areas to help ensure timely and compliant completion of the work.

As a single–source fire protection engineering consultant for all your fire protection and life safety needs, Zari Consulting Group offers comprehensive services and expertise, from fire protection system design to building code consulting. Our clients recognize our value through our excellent relationships with Authorities Having Jurisdiction and our ability to get an architectural design approved the first time, saving time, money, and the headache of resubmittals.

As fire safety and code consultants, our primary goal is to assist Architects in making their design vision become a reality. If we are able to satisfy our clients in accomplishing an architectural feat that prescriptive building codes would otherwise prevent, then we have succeeded at our job.

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