A panel used in our smoke control testing
Smoke Control System Testing

Our licensed and registered smoke control engineers provide smoke control system testing for commercial buildings

Smoke control systems are inherently complex life-safety features that rely on numerous construction features to operate effectively. Smoke control system installations require a well communicating team consisting of mechanical contractors (achieving fan speeds), electrical contractors (providing adequate voltage and current draw), air balancers (achieving adequate pressure and fan airflow), and fire alarm contractors (system programming and installing control and monitor modules). As a result, most jurisdictions require smoke control system commissioning to be performed by registered fire protection engineers who have the ability to effectively coordinate each discipline and achieve the smoke control system design requirements.

There are many facets to smoke control system commissioning that can become problematic if not left up to an experienced special inspection agency who can quickly and decisively come up with solutions as issues arise. Zari Consulting Group has tested every type of smoke control system, including some of the most complex smoke control systems in the world.

Our Special Smoke Control Inspection services includes:

  • Closely monitoring construction phase of the project
  • Sequence of operation verification
  • Review of fire alarm and fire sprinkler system shop drawings
  • Testing of all fans and dampers
  • Recording exhaust and supply airflow rates
  • Pressure testing of smoke compartments and stair enclosures
  • Assistance with fire and building department “all systems” tests, and code-required annual retesting.

Upon completion of our testing, the system is signed off and stamped by a registered Fire Protection Engineer.

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