Fire Protection & Code Consulting for HKS

With their global headquarters located in Dallas, Texas, HKS in one of the biggest architecture firm in the United States. They also have locations in the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Mexico, India, China and Brazil.

HKS provides design for all types of commercial occupancies, including airports, convention centers, schools, health care, hospitality, residential, high tech, sports stadiums, mixed-use facilities, and more.

Zari Consulting Group has provided innumerable building code, fire code, and fire protection system design services for HKS including the following:

  • Development of code variances and engineering judgments stamped by a registered fire protection engineer.
  • Egress analyses and exiting diagrams
  • Occupant load calculations
  • Travel distance calculations
  • Door and stair capacity calculations
  • Determining locations for fire barriers, smoke barriers, smoke partitions, fire partitions, and fire walls
  • Fire department vehicle access requirements
  • Automatic fire sprinkler system design
  • Fire alarm system design
  • Smoke control design and special inspection
  • Types of construction and exterior wall rating requirements
  • Hazardous materials analyses