Building Code – Fire Consulting For Grosvenor Development

Originally established in London in the 17th century, Grosvenor is one of the world’s oldest development firm. They currently maintain offices throughout the world, including the United States of America, Asia, and throughout Europe. Grosvenor is dedicated to the urban development theory of “living cities” in making them as sophisticated and functional as possible for their residents. They develop numerous kinds of occupancies, including retail, residential, office, and leisure.

Zari Consulting Group’s building code consulting services for Grosvenor has included the following:

  1. Providing architectural drawing reviews at the 50 and 100 percent Schematic Design, Design Development, and Construction Documents completion points to verify conformance with the nonstructural fire protection and life safety requirements of the International Building Code and International Fire Code with local building and fire department amendments. We documented the findings of each review in a letter and provided red-lined marked-up drawings to the Client.
  1. Attending meetings with the design team to discuss the project at various completion points.
  1. Development of Alternate Means and Methods Requests (AMMRs) for submission to the building department and fire department. All of our variances, AMMRs, and engineering judgments are wet stamped by a licensed fire protection engineer.
  1. Providing general consulting on an “as-requested” basis to respond to requests for information.
  1. Preparing egress diagrams showing the path of exiting, including door widths and stair widths for the anticipated occupant loads for all floors of the building.
  1. Attending meetings with the building and fire departments during the Construction Document stage to review any unresolved issues.

Fire Protection Consulting Services Provided

Architectural Plan Review

Life Safety Consulting

Fire Safety Consulting