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NFPA Code Consulting

We provide expertise for all NFPA Fire Protection Code Standards

The National Fire Protection Association provides codes and standards for all forms of buildings, structures, and products. Out of all the hundreds of NFPA Standards that now exist, there are millions of NFPA requirements that buildings and structures have to follow in order to comply with current building codes.

Every state in the nation adopts a building code and each building code references all the NFPA Standards that must be followed.

Zari Consulting Group provides expertise for all NFPA Standards to ensure that buildings comply with specific building and fire codes. Additionally, Zari Consulting Group provides design services based on the requirements of numerous NFPA standards, including the following:

Fire sprinkler systems (NFPA 13)
Standpipe systems (NFPA 14)
Foam-Water Systems (NFPA 16)
Fire Service Mains (NFPA 24)
Flammable and combustible liquids (NFPA 30)
Fire alarms systems (NFPA 72)
Smoke control systems (NFPA 92)

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