Building Code Consulting for Office Buildings

Fire Protection Engineering, Fire Code Consulting, Smoke Control, & More

Office buildings inherently provide a lower fire & life safety risk than other building types; occupants are typically familiar with the surroundings, they are alert and able to respond to an emergency immediately, and office buildings tend to contain lower hazard materials (paper, chairs & tables, etc.) than other facilities.

However, for logistical reasons and because office buildings are typically located in areas of expensive real estate, it is in a business’s best interest to maximize their office floor area with employees. As a result, we often find office buildings to have a higher occupant load than other facilities. In this circumstance, it is often essential for a building code expert to develop egress drawings that show the proper path of travel for all the building occupants. When a building occupant load exceeds the stair capacities, the code expert must develop a unique solution to protect building occupants (such as installation of a horizontal exit or exit passageway).

Zari Consulting Group provides full-scale code analyses for office buildings, including Building Code consulting, Fire Code consulting, site and egress analyses.

We seek to provide an invaluable level of service to our clients through negotiating with Authorities Having Jurisdictions (AHJs) where we feel that an equivalent level of protection can be provided. We also provide all types of fire protection system design for office structures.