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High-Rise Fire in Honolulu Financial District

Just after 4pm on Tuesday, July 12 a fire was reported inside one of the apartments of the Mauka building, which is located in Kakaako, the financial district of Honolulu. The fire was reported to have been caused a resident of the subject dwelling unit improperly extinguishing a cigarette. The fire grew to be large [...]

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Stratford High-Rise Fire Causes Little Damage

A fire occurred in the 7th floor of a residential high-rise in Stratford, London on Sunday October 26. The fire initiated on one of the resident’s balcony and caused damage to the exterior windows on the residential unit above, allowing smoke to billow into the building. Fortunately, smoke detectors installed inside the facility were functional. [...]

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Summertime Fire Safety

Fires are unpredictable and can strike anywhere at any time. Neglecting safety precautions can cause a building of any size (residential, office, high-rise, storage, retail) to become a hazardous situation. Zari Consulting Group serves these structures by providing fire protection system design and building code consulting to prevent disasters. We follow code requirements for such [...]

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The Importance of Fire Sprinklers

Automatic fire sprinklers play an invaluable role in protecting property and life from a developing fire and therefore a facility’s life safety system. They are the #1 most effective life safety system with a 90+% effective rate. The residents of this Chicago high-rise building are now aware of the value of automatic fire sprinklers and [...]

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