Fires are unpredictable and can strike anywhere at any time. Neglecting safety precautions can cause a building of any size (residential, office, high-rise, storage, retail) to become a hazardous situation. Zari Consulting Group serves these structures by providing fire protection system design and building code consulting to prevent disasters. We follow code requirements for such structures, but what about in your own home, in your own backyard?

Now that summer is here what better way to enjoy these long hot days than to fire up the BBQ, spend a weekend camping, and even celebrate with fireworks! All of these activities are a great way to spend time with family and friends but just err on the side of caution or your summer plans could go up in smoke, ahem, excuse the pun.

Here are some general safety tips to follow while enjoying your time outdoors:

  • Grilling Safety
    • Your grill should be properly located and cleaned
    • Never leave the grill unattended
    • Grills are only to be used outdoors
    • Click here for more specific grilling safety tips
  • Brush Safety
    • Keep your weeds and grass cut and provide them with enough water
    • Remove of any dead brush and dispose of properly
  • Firework Safety
    • Leave the fireworks to the professionals!
    • If you do choose to use your own, please read the information here first
  • Campfire Safety
    • Keep small campfire away from your tent and other debris
    • Make sure you put the fire out before you call it a night
  • Fire Protection Equipment Safety
    • Ensure that the smoke detectors in your home are functioning and properly located
    • They should be placed on each level of your home and in all bedrooms
    • Change the battery at least once a year