Provide New Smoke Detectors for Doors on Hold Opens

As stated in the “Building Code Analysis” of this report, areas where corridor doors are normally held open by fire alarm system door holders are required to be provided with smoke detectors directly above the doors, on each side. Upon sensing smoke, the doors release and occupant notification incurs.

Although it is mentioned in the “Building Code Analysis” section of this report that corridors are no longer required to be rated per the 2012 IBC, Zari Consulting Group believes that maintaining the rated corridors will provide a greater level of life-safety in the building that can be used advantageously when corresponding with the AHJ.


Provide New Duct Smoke Detectors

Duct smoke detectors have a short lifespan compared to their area smoke detector counterparts due to the increased level of to which they are subjected. New duct smoke detectors should be provided with the new fire alarm system, and they should activate a supervisory signal upon sensing smoke. Associated fire/smoke dampers and fans should remain.


Provide New Fire Alarm Control Unit

It is unclear the extent to which the existing Fire-Lite MS 9600 FACU has been causing glitches. As new, these are well constructed panels that are capable of handling the facility fire alarm system requirements, but it would be beneficial to replace the existing panel with a new, later model.


Provide Improved Wiring for Waterflow and Tamper Switches

During Zari Consulting Group’s site visit, in certain locations, waterflow and tamper switches appeared to be wired together. That means that activation of a tamper switch may cause the fire alarm system to activate occupant notification. The 2013 edition of NFPA 13 requires tamper switches and flow switches to be wired so that they provide unique and independent signals to the fire alarm system.


Provide Full Coverage Notification Appliances

As stated in the “Existing Fire Alarm System Description” section of this report, insufficient notification has been provide throughout the facility. Full coverage notification appliances per the requirements of the 2013 edition of NFPA 72 shall be provided at the facility. Existing notification appliances should be removed.