Remove area smoke detectors

As indicated on existing fire alarm system drawings and as observed in the field during Zari Consulting Group’s site investigation, area smoke detectors were found to be provided in areas that are often open to atmosphere, such as loading docks and storage rooms. These smoke detectors were not required for installation in the 1994 UBC and they aren’t required for installation in the 2012 IBC.

Smoke detectors located in areas that are open to atmosphere have a much greater likelihood of producing nuisance alarms. Bad weather, often resulting from rain or fog can cause smoke detectors that are open to atmosphere to activate inappropriately. Additionally, dirt or dust not found in interior ventilated areas can cause smoke detectors that are open to atmosphere activate erroneously.

For Phase 1 of the fire alarm system improvements, it is recommended that rather than physically removing the smoke detectors that are open to atmosphere from their locations in loading docks and storage areas, they simple be removed from fire alarm system SLC loop and abandon in place. This is can be accomplished very easily through programming the Fire-Lite MS 9600 panel. It is further recommended that during the Phase 2 installation of the new fire alarm system, these smoke detectors and their associated wiring be removed.

It should be noted that before this operation is performed, a pre-application meeting should be conducted with the Anytown Fire Department and Anytown Building Department (if necessary) to gain approval for the procedure.


Temporarily Deactivate Door Holders

As indicated in the “Building Code Analysis” section of this report, various doors along the 1-hour rated corridors have been held open through means of fire alarm system door holders.

As previously in this section stated, included in Zari Consulting Group’s Phase 1 improvements to lower the likelihood of nuisance alarms is to remove all corridor smoke detectors. Activation of any fire alarm initiating device, including smoke detectors, calls for the release of door holders. Because corridor smoke detectors are to be removed from the existing fire alarm system, for conservatism the door holders should be temporarily deactivated so that all doors remain closed during normal conditions.