Mr. Joseph Zari, P.E. is a Founding Principal for Zari Consulting Group and a registered Fire Protection Engineer in the states of California, Colorado, Indiana, Massachusetts, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oregon, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming. His responsibilities include management of Zari Consulting Group’s building and life safety code consulting, developing code alternatives, and providing plan reviews and designs for fire alarm, sprinkler and smoke control systems. Mr. Zari oversees Project Managers’ on the fire protection systems design team for Zari Consulting Group.

Mr. Zari has spent over 15 years in the fire protection industry, and has been thoroughly involved with UBC, IBC, and NFPA code consulting, plan reviews, smoke control design, commissioning and computer modeling. His experience also includes performance based design analysis, FDS, HASS, CONTAM and FPETOOL. He is also experienced with retrofit analysis of fire protection systems, egress analysis, hydraulic calculations and code alternatives.

Mr. Zari currently serves as the 1st vice president of the Northern California-Nevada Chapter of SFPE.