Fire Pump Controller

The existing fire pump system is monitored and controlled by an unlisted fire pump controller located inside the pump room. The new fire pump system shall be provided with a new compatible, listed controller that meets current International Building Code and NFPA 20 requirements. More information on the new Fire Pump Controller is provided in the Specification, Attachment A.


Main Power Circuit Breaker

The current fire pump main power circuit breaker is rated at 100 amperes. A 145 ampere breaker is required by the 2010 NFPA 20 Table for a 20 hp fire pump.

This report calls for a new 150 ampere circuit breaker to be installed at the main electrical power panel. The existing wiring to the controller has been found to be adequate to accommodate this upgrade.


Jockey Pump

There currently is no Jockey pump installed in the existing fire pump configuration. A new jockey pump shall be installed to maintain the pressure within the system, eliminating the need for the fire pump to cycle on and off from random, normal variations in the system pressure. More information on the jockey pump details can be found in Attachment A.


Existing Type II Wet Standpipe Hose Cabinets and Contents

During our inspection of the fire pump and associated systems we discovered that none of the Type II standpipe hose cabinets had hoses installed, and that some of the valves were removed and plugged.

This report calls for the Type II hose cabinets to be fully restored to their functional purpose. The scope of services for this portion of the project consists of replacing all valves and hoses in hose cabinets with new. Where the addition of equipment or components is required to restore the system, all equipment and components shall be new.