Sample Fire Pump Replacement Report


Zari Consulting Group, Inc. has been retained by ABC Architects to provide consulting services for the fire pump system replacement at 900 Acme Way, a nine story high-rise building, in Anytown, United States. This report is based on fire pump test result findings, documentation review, and observations of the current conditions of the fire pump assembly, piping, circuit breaker, and controller. Functional testing of the pump and controller were performed during the annual test dated 11/22/2011. The test report concluded that the pump and controller failed the test.

The intent of this report is to provide licensed C-16 contractors with sufficient information to prepare an accurate fee proposal for the removal of the existing fire pump and installation of a new one, meeting all currents codes, regulations, and AHJ and engineer’s requirements. It should be noted that only the new pump, controller, and electrical wiring will be required to meet the 2010 edition of NFPA 20. Because this is a maintenance project, all other components and accessories of the fire pump system will remain as currently installed. This report provides the basic scope of services for the installation contractor for whom this work is awarded. The omission in this report of any necessary system component for a complete and functional fire pump system, that successfully passes the annual fire pump test one year after its installation, does not relieve the contractor from conducting that work, at no additional charge to the owner. The annual test for the fire pump system is to be conducted by Contractor.

The fire pump for this building will serve the building at 900 Acme Way, which is partially sprinklered and contains a Class II standpipe system.

Fire Pump and Electric Driver

The new fire pump at 900 Acme Way will be installed in the pump room on the basement level of the building adjacent to the pedestrian walkway between the administration building and Building A of Acme College. The pump and electric driver will provide an approximate 45 psi boost to the Anytown water supply system pressure of approximately 64 psi static, as 900 Acme way is only a partially sprinklered building.

The electric driven fire pump will be provided with backup power via the building’s generator located in the same room, adjacent the fire pump.

This report requires the replacement of the original horizontal split case electrically driven fire pump with a new Peerless Fire Pump and electric driver, equivalent to the previous 20 horse power, 45 psi @ 500 gpm fire pump and driver.