Building Code Consulting and Fire Protection Engineering for 2270 Broadway high-rise

Zari Consulting Group has been retained to provide building code consulting and fire protection engineering for the 2270 Broadway building to be constructed in Oakland, California.

The 2270 Broadway Street project is a 256 foot, 24-story high rise designed for downtown Oakland.

Level 1 consists of the main entry lobby, the Fire Command Center, the fire pump, the emergency generator, and other back of house areas.

Level 2 through Level 6 consists of an open-air parking garage.

Level 7 through 23 is dedicated to the building residencies, and Level 24 consists of a large assembly area, which includes a pool and a fitness center.

The building will contain 233 units, dispersed among studios, 1-bedrooms, 2-bedrooms, and 3-bedrooms.

Zari Consulting Group’s services for this project include fire code consulting (2016 California Fire Code), building code consulting (2016 California Building Code), smoke control system design, smoke control system testing, and NFPA consulting (NFPA 13, NFPA 72).

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