A new Mega Mall is set to open on Yas Island in Abu Dhabi in less than a month.

With over 2.5 millions square feet in leasable space, Yas Mall will establish itself as the first direct competitor to Dubai Mall, which up to this point has consistently controlled the areas retail market.

The main architectural feature for the mall will be the large atrium at the center, referred to as “Town Square.” The space will be over 60,000 square feet and will be considered the largest naturally lit gathering location in the middle east.

American stores that will be located in the mall include The Cheesecake Factory and P.F. Chang’s. The mall will also contain a FunWorks adventure play center for adults and children.

Building code and fire protection features of the Yas Mall include Type IA construction, full automatic fire sprinkler systems, an automatic fire alarm system, and a smoke control system.

While Zari Consulting Group did not participate in consulting or design for this project, staff members of Zari Consulting Group have provided fire protection systems design and building code consulting for many buildings and structures in both Abu Dhabi and Dubai.