Zari Consulting Group ( is a fire protection engineering and building code consulting firm currently seeking to employ a Senior Consultant at our San Francisco regional office.



  • Registered Professional Engineer
  • 10+ years experience as a fire protection consultant
  • Excellent writing skills
  • Outstanding public speaking and communication abilities
  • Analytically-minded and independent thinker
  • Excellent organizational skills


Job Description

As a Senior Consultant, your responsibilities will include managing projects from conception to close out, attending meetings with clients and AHJs, and collaborating with colleagues to develop solutions to unique design issues. Projects for which you are responsible include the following:


  • Fire protection systems design and testing
  • Building and fire code consulting
  • NFPA standard consulting


The ideal candidate has the ability to think outside his/her comfort zone, taking on projects that may not have a concise or clearly identifiable conclusion.


Benefits and Compensation

Zari Consulting Group is not a conventional consulting firm that seems to maintain operational procedures from a previous decade. We do not micro-manage our consultants, making sure they arrive at the office 8am and stay until 5pm. We do not control our consultants’ personal time off. At Zari Consulting Group, you will be treated like the professional that you are.


We offer outstanding benefits, which include health, vision, dental, and 401(k) plans. Our employees are offered extremely competitive salaries, which are devised of a fixed salary with a transparent bonus structure.