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Job Opening in Northern California!

    Zari Consulting Group ( is currently seeking to employ a Senior Consultant for our San Francisco regional office. Job Format Zari Consulting Group is not a conventional consulting firm that maintains operational procedures from a previous decade. We do not micro-manage our consultants, making sure they arrive at the office 8am and stay [...]

2016-02-28T17:56:49+00:00February 28th, 2016|Company Affairs|

Smoke Control Testing & Building Code Consulting: New UNL COBA Building

The University of Nebraksa - Lincoln campus is currently in the process of constructing their new College of Business Administration building. The building consists of a 5-Story B Occupancy building with a central atrium that is 90 feet in height. The atrium measures 10,000 square feet in floor area. Zari Consulting Group's role on the [...]

2015-03-11T10:49:09+00:00March 11th, 2015|Project Profiles|

New Rainer Square Sky Scraper

A massive new development is being proposed to replace the Rainer Square shopping mall in downtown Seattle, between Fourth and Fifth Avenues. The cost estimation currently sits around $600 million and consists of a large 58-story boot-shaped, modern looking building that consists of offices (B occupancy) with residential apartments above (R-2 occupancy). Also included in [...]

2014-11-07T10:52:33+00:00November 7th, 2014|Development & Construction News|

Stratford High-Rise Fire Causes Little Damage

A fire occurred in the 7th floor of a residential high-rise in Stratford, London on Sunday October 26. The fire initiated on one of the resident’s balcony and caused damage to the exterior windows on the residential unit above, allowing smoke to billow into the building. Fortunately, smoke detectors installed inside the facility were functional. [...]

2014-10-29T12:21:39+00:00October 29th, 2014|Industry News|

New Downtown SF Luxury Residencies: 100 Van Ness

A new 400-unit luxury apartment complex is being converted from a high-rise office building in the San Francisco Civic Center. The 29 story former office building was originally constructed in 1974, serving as the headquarters for the California State Automobile Association. This conversion development is being performed by Emerald Fund. Included in the conversion is [...]

2014-10-28T12:23:21+00:00October 28th, 2014|Development & Construction News|